The base of most of my mosaics consists of wood. For the mosaic itself I use tiles, smalti, tiffany glass and glass gems. Cutting the tiles and glass is very time consuming, but very satisfying once all the pieces fit together. When all the pieces are in place, I fill up the open spaces with (coloured) grout.


Ceramic tiles, matt or shiny in various colours. Can be cut with mosaic pliers or nippers.

tiffany glass

Tiffany glass
Glass in various colours; also used in tiffany lamps and leaded windows. Can be cut with glass cutter (have your band-aids handy...)


Handmade pieces of glass from Italy. The shapes are irregular resulting in a vivid mosaic.

glass gems

Glass gems
Glass gems for fancy highlights.

vitreous glass

Vitreous glass
Small square pieces of glass in various colours. The top surface is smooth. The bottom is ribbed for tight adhesion.