Twinkle is written by Michel de Boer. The project started as a fun exercise to write a simple application that was able to setup a simple SIP call. Once that was working I kept adding to the project and it became a fully functional GUI based soft phone.

The SIP stack, call control, sound card control and GUI have been developed from scratch by myself. For the RTP stack and audio codecs I used 3rd party software.



Twinkle was originally available in english only. Since version 1.0 Twinkle has been translated to other languages.

Language Translator
Czech Marek Straka
Dutch Michel de Boer
French Olivier Aufrère
German Jörg Reisenweber
Russian Michail Chodorenko
Swedish Daniel Nylander

3rd party software

The following 3rd party software is used in Twinkle.