Twinkle is available for Linux only.


Here is the Twinkle version 1.4.2 source tar ball.

See the README file for installation and first usage notes.

Previous version

The previous version is here.


In order to compile and run Twinkle you need to install the following packages if you do not have them on your system already.

You have to install the commoncpp2 package before the ccrtp package.

You can find the project page for commoncpp2 and ccrtp here for the latest versions. commoncpp2 and ccrtp are part of the common package published on this project page.

Note: the ilbc library is not GPL'ed. Check the license at to see if it fits your usage. When you have the ilbc library installed on your system, then Twinkle's configure script automically sets up the Makefiles to link against it.

Twinkle is not compatible with Qt4.


The procedure to install the *.tar.gz packages is as follows:

1. Unpack the file <name>.tar.gz

tar xzf <name>.tar.gz

2. Enter the directory resulting from unpacking

cd <name>

3. Configure the build environment


4. Compile the source code


5. Install the binaries (must be done with root user permission)

make install

After you installed Twinkle, you can start it with the following command:


KDE vs non-KDE

Twinkle can be built on both KDE and non-KDE systems. Without the KDE libraries some functions like the interface to KAddressBook will not be available however.

The configure script checks for the presence of the kde-config script on your system. If it is available, a KDE version will be built, otherwise a non-KDE version will be built.

To force a build of a non-KDE version of Twinkle:

./configure --without-kde

Optional parts

The following parts are optional:

The configure script detects if you have the necessary libraries for the optional parts installed. If you don't have a library, then the associated optional part is automatically disabled. If you have a library isntalled but you still wish to compile Twinkle without an optional part, then you can use the following configure options to disable them.

./configure --without-ilbc
./configure --without-speex
./configure --without-zrtp


Version 1.4.2 - SUSE 11.1

SUSE KDE RPMs (x86_64)

Source RPMs


openSUSE RPMs can be downloaded from


Debian DEBs can be found here.


RPMs for Mandriva can be found here.

Pardus Linux

PiSi packages for Pardus Linux can be found here.